Ps and Qs, A Book on the Art of Letter Arrangement


By Sallie B. Tannahill
108 pages
Published by Doubleday & Co.
9 × 6.6 inches
1.6 pounds

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ix. Preface
xiii. Introduction

Part I
Letters and Their Arrangements — Fundamental Art Requirements

1. Simple Letter Forms
6. Grouping Letters to Form Words
14. Words of the Same Size in Mass
20. Words of Different Sizes in Mass

Part II
27. Tools and Type of Letters

Part III
Uses of Fine Lettering

36. Posters
49. Monograms, Ciphers, Signatures, Devices, Trade Marks, Labels, Bookplates
57. Christmas Cards
65. Booklets
78 Letters in Various Materials

Part IV
83. Linoleum-Block Printing

Part V
99 Teaching Lettering

105. Bibliography

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