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    Grafica Della Strada, The Signs Of Italy

    It starts with a 16 year old Louise Fili traveling to Italy, stepping off the plane, and falling in love with a billboard. That moment marked the start of Fili’s typographic obsession, and budding career in graphic design.

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  • Fonts of the Homeless

    Typefaces based on the handwriting of homeless people in Barcelona. All proceeds go to the Arrels Foundation, an organization for the benefit of Barcelona’s homeless.

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    Sign Painters: The Movie

    Sign Painters celebrates the hand-painted sign industry, an American tradition.

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  • The typographic work of Alex Fowkes for Sony Music

    Alex Fowkes designed this great mural of Sony Music’s history, illustrated with mostly type.

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  • Dusty Signs, Hand-lettered

    Dusty Signs, Hand-lettered

    More at dustysigns.com

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    Brand for Flint Hair Salon by Bibliothèque

    “The design solution expresses the Flint ideology of craftsmanship and modernity. Stone-age cutting tools made from Flint (a material found in abundance in the Norfolk area) illustrate this identity for a boutique hair-salon based in Norwich.”

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    Clipper Ship Cards

    These vintage clipper cards were advertisements for shipping voyages, usually from a port on the east coast (New York, Boston) to the west coast (San Francisco). They were distributed by ship dispatchers in the 1800s.

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  • Erik Spiekermann on Deutsche Welle TV

    Erik Spiekermann on Deutsche Welle TV

    On the heels of having won the Federal German Design Prize 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award from the German Design Council, Erik Spiekermann is interviewed by Deutsche Welle TV.

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  • hand-drawn-type

    Hand Drawn Type

    Most people are surprised to find how much type isn’t set with fonts on the computer but hand drawn. This is usually the case with most old signs and billboards, made when type didn’t exist or just wasn’t easily accessible. Typography Served has posted a few nice examples of hand drawn type.

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