About Glyphic

Everything we do communicates. Even when we choose silence — to not communicate — a message is nonetheless sent. There is a saying:

One cannot not communicate.

Glyphic crafts branded communication from the obvious to the obscure. We shape the narrative so business can run more effectively.




We’re a team of designers and engineers shaping digital experiences for some of the world’s most prominent brands.


Our stock of talent is highly driven. Taken by the craft of typography, we authored a dictionary on the subject. We make products and contribute to countless open source efforts. We are artists and engineers that take pride in our work.


We’re designers but also computer scientists that feel at home anywhere on the technology stack. Your developers will love working with us.


Our clients are global so we understand the inherent challenges involved with operating in multiple markets. We are experts in setting up and working within distributed teams.


People often thank us for speaking in terms everyone can understand. We believe clear communication is a fundamental requirement of business.

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